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Magnetocaloric Materials

GE&R's Patented Line of Magnetocaloric Materials are the Lowest cost and highest performance Magnetocaloric Materials available on the market! We can synthesize magnetocaloric compositions with a peak performance at any temperature between 10K up to 330K. Please contact us   if your desired peak temperture is not listed in the drop down menu and we can provide a quote. All products come with a Certificate of Analysis which includes the Delta S calculated from VSM data.

These magnetocaloric materials are available in various forms - 1) Bulk Ingot pieces (~5g-10g pieces), 2) Thin Plates (either 1inch or 0.5inch diameters), or 3) Powder form. For the Powder form, we can make the following size ranges: 700-1000um, 500-700um, 300-500um, 150-300um, 75-150um, 45-75um, and 25-45um. IF YOU ORDER THE POWDER - Please indicate in the notes the size range that you want.  If you order sub-60K compositions - Please indicate your desired peak Temperature in the notes. We can synthesize these within +/-5 degrees of the temperature needed.

GE&R magnetocaloric materials have excellent stability and performance in magnetic systems. Bulk pricing is also available. These products are manufactured when ordered and will typically ship within 2-3 weeks of reciept of payment. Continued development is in progress to improve performance, lower cost, and provide custom forms.  Please contact us with your specific needs.

For bulk pricing or specific requests or questions please contact us >

All sales are final. No refunds or returns. Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale.

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  • Temperature of delta S max anywhere between 10-330K 
  • Second Order Reversible Transitions (they behave like elemental Gd - no cracking or hysteresis!)
  • Material surface may slowly oxidize in air - we recommend storing in vacuum or inert gas.
  • Large measurable delta T (>1 degree C in 1T field)
  • Larger quantity bulk pricing available
  • Available in usable forms:  Sub-mm sized particles / Thin plates 



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We can synthesize materials with peak performance temperatures in the range of 10K-330K – with available bulk pricing. We can also prepare custom forms (sub mm sized spheres or thin plates).  Tell us what you’re looking for >>

Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale.

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