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CMP Polishing Services and CMP Equipment Rental

Chemical Mechanical Planarization or CMP is a process used to planarize and remove material from a wafer surface.   

Do you want to try polishing something exotic? Or need to perform CMP experiments? Our CMP facility is available for use on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Daily facility rates are currently $635, not including consumables.*  We can process your wafers for you according to your specifications, or we can develop a process for you if needed, or you can use the machine and perform all processing and testing yourself!  The daily CMP facility rental includes a CMP technician to assist with operation of the CMP tool.

GE&R's CMP facility consists of a Strasbaugh 6EC CMP R&D tool available for external use.** We also offer CMP polishing services. The tool is currently available to polish 100mm and 150mm wafers. (200mm wafer polishing is coming soon!) Please contact us for more info.