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Our Team

Dr. Robin V. Ihnfeldt

Dr. Robin Ihnfeldt is the 100% CEO/owner of General Engineering & Research (GE&R).  Since 2012, Robin has been awarded more than $7M in federal grant funding from the National Science Foundation, the Naval Research Laboratory, the Department of Energy, and the California Energy Commission.  She has
successfully built an industrial laboratory and manufacturing facility, and has conceived, developed, and commercialized products resulting from grant awards through direct sales as well as licensing.  Prior to founding GE&R, Robin spent more than a decade in development and manufacturing environments including Micron Technologies Inc., Pfizer, and Nitto Denko Technical.  Her technical expertise includes semiconductor manufacturing, nanomaterials, and magnetocaloric materials and device synthesis.  Robin is also a licensed patent agent and handles all of GE&R’s IP. Robin has authored more than a dozen publications on nanomaterials and has several issued and pending US and international patent applications for novel nanomaterials.