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Our resources can be your resources.

General Engineering and Research facilities offer an econmical solution for experiments, startups or companies who need additional lab resources. A wet lab facility, CMP polishing and foundry services are available on a daily, weekly, monthly or long-term basis. Safe and OSHA-compliant chemical storage is also available.

CMP polishing services and equipment rental.

Chemical Mechanical Planarization or CMP is a process used to planarize and remove material from a wafer surface. Our CMP facility is available for use on a daily, weekly or monthly basis which includes a CMP technician for assistance.

You can test on your own – we can help develop a process for you – or we can process your wafers to your specifications. We’re flexible.

Facility Rate: $225 per hour (not including consumables). Minimum 2hr required.

A Strasbaugh 6EC is available for use (this tool is not in a clean room environment) for polishing 100mm and 150mm wafers. We also offer CMP polishing services. Contact us for more info >>