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PPMS (Physical Property Measurement System)

The Quantum Design Versalab is a Physical Property Measurement system capable of simultaneously measuring electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and Seebeck coefficient at any temperature in the range of 50K-400K both with and without a magnetic field of up to 3T. Please contact us for pricing details.

Determination of thermoelectric figure of merit (ZT)

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Our system specifications are shown below.  The measurements are particularly useful for determining the thermoelectric efficiency (ZT) of materials.

Characterization Temperature Range: 50 - 400K

Characterization Magnetic Field Range: 0 - 3T


Please provide a sample no smaller than 3mm x 3mm x 15mm. We will polish the sample to a right size to fit the sample holder, and attach copper wires with silver epoxy for sample loading.

Include detailed material composition in the sample submission form. Questions on how to prepare your samples? We can help. Please contact us for assistance.

PPMS Sample Submission Form

PPMS Example Results Report

PPMS Example Raw Data


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