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VSM (vibrating sample magnetometer)

GE&R Vibrating Sample Magnetometer is useful for characterizing magnetic properties of materials at various temperatures and magnetic fields.

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Our system specifications are shown below.  The measurements are particularly useful for characterizing magnetic properties and the magnetocaloric effect of materials.

-Magnetic Hysteresis - Magnetization vs. Magnetic Field

-Magnetization vs. Temperature

-Magnetization Isotherms - both heating mode and cooling mode possible

-Full Evaluation of Magnetocaloric Material.  This includes M vs. T curve and Magnetization Isotherms evaluated around the MCE temperature using both heating and cooling mode.  The raw data will also be provided, which can be used to calculate the change in entropy (delta S), refrigeration capacity, hysteresis loss, etc.

                     Characterization Temperature Range: 50 - 400K

                     Characterization Magnetic Field Range: 0 - 3T


The VSM can handle films, powders, or ingots.  We need at least a few milligrams of material for measurement. 

Include detailed material composition in the sample submission form. Questions on how to prepare your samples? We can help. Please contact us for assistance.

VSM Sample Submission Form

VSM Example Data Report - Magnetization vs. Temperature

Magnetization vs. Temperature Example Raw Data

VSM Example Data Report - Magnetic Hysteresis

Magnetic Hysteresis Example Raw Data

VSM Example Data Report - Magnetization Isotherms 

Magnetization Isotherms Example Raw Data


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