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UV-Vis Traceable Silica Nanoparticles

UV-Vis Traceable Silica Nanoparticles are available in both powder form and mono-dispersed into either H2O or Ethanol. The powder is available in 1g or 10g quantities. The dispersions are at 10wt% (100g/L) quantities of 25ml and 100ml. These do not have any additiona functionalization (they have standard -OH surface functionalization). Certificate of Analysis includes SEM images.

GE&R silica nanoparticles are synthesized using a Stober method to provide high purity spherical particles with narrow size distribution. To make the particles UV-Vis traceable, various dyes (methylene blue for blue color) can be added during synthesis to induce a stable color change in the silica which can be used to track particle movement in biological systems, or other applications. Custom orders with different dyes are available if you need a specific tracability. Bulk pricing is also available.

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We have formulations to make any silica particle size between 20nm and 1000nm – with available bulk
pricing. We can also disperse into custom solutions/solvents. Tell us what you’re looking for >>

Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale.

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