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These are solid spherical silica nanoparticles without functionalization. Available in powder form quantities of 1g, 10g, 50g and 100g. Available as a mono-dispersion in quantities of 25ml, 100ml and 500ml at 10wt% (100g/L) SiO2 in either H2O or Ethanol. Certificate of Analysis includes SEM images.

GE&R silica nanoparticles are synthesized using a Stober method to provide very high purity (+99.999%) spherical particles with narrow size distribution. The Stober method is a technique which grows the silica nanoparticles in solution. Our powder silica products are obtained by drying off the solution after the particles have formed, whereas for our monodispersion products we use special filtration techniques to wash the particles into either an aqueous or ethanol solution which maintains the mono-dispersity.

Please note that re-dispersing the powder nanoparticles into solution is not easy. The smaller the particle size, the more difficult it can be to re-disperse. The most common method of dispersing is ultrasonication. In our experience it can take 8+hours of ultrasonication to mono-disperse 100nm particles into water. For smaller sizes, it may not be possible to achieve monodispersion. If your application requires the nanoparticles to be dispersed into solution, you may want to consider starting with the dispersion products as opposed to the powder. We can also do custom dispersions into various solutions with a minimum 500ml quantity. Please contact us if you would like a quote for this custom service. Bulk pricing is also available.

Custom sizes and quantities are also available.

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GE&R is pioneering the development of patented nano-sized chemical release capsules. We use novel nano-material processing techniques to load nanoparticles with various chemical payloads and coat the particles to form capsules.

Applications:  polishing or chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) slurries, targeted chemical delivery, bio-applications, other applications? Let GE&R help develop a custom solution.   Contact us >>

Porous Particle – Various base particles possible (silica, alumina, etc.)

Chemical Payload – Various chemical payloads possible (complexing agents, salts, oxidizers, etc.)

Polymer Coating – the polymer coating can be tailored for different release mechanisms (i.e. mechanical or shearing abrasion, timed release in certain solvents, temperature release, etc. )



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