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SEM Imaging

GE&R performs Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy imaging analysis on a Phillips XL30 ESEM. Images with extremely high resolution (2nm) are possible, and the EDX attachment allows determination of elemental composition.

Results within 5 business days.

Please include a sample submission form and a copy of your samples SDS (safety data sheet)

$ 450.00

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Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) uses an electron microscope that produces images of a sample by scanning it with a focused beam of electrons. The electrons interact with the atoms in the sample, producing various signals that contain information about the sample's surface topography and composition.


Please provide at least 10mg of dried sample. Each sample will be imaged (and EDX if requested) at two different areas with three magnifications at each area. On the sample submission form, please indicate if the sample is conductive and/or magnetic.

Include detailed material composition in the sample submission form. Questions on how to prepare your samples? We can help. Please contact us for assistance.

Sample Submission Form

Example Results Report (raw data images will also be provided upon request)


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