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GE&R Moves On To Top 12 For 2017 InnovateHER Competition

GE&R was among the Top 12 pitching finalists for 2017’s 3rd annual InnovateHER - Hera Labs & mystartupXX San Diego competition.

InnovateHER is a cross-cutting business challenge to unearth innovative products and services that help impact and empower the lives of women and families. We pitched our novel nano-therapy to prevent breast cancer recurrence to a lively audience of over 100 attendants.

GE&R 2017 InnovateHER Finalists

Mary and Robin representing GE&R at San Diego’s 2017 InnovateHER pitch competition.


   GE&R’s translational research division develops nanotechnology based solutions towards clinically relevant applications, and this was the first time we presented our breast cancer therapy to a public audience. GE&R is passionate about investigating solutions to stop cancer from coming back. Breast cancer will develop in 1 out of every 8 women within her lifetime, and recurrence will occur in up to 40% of survivors. Eliminating recurrence would save hospital costs, and reduce the overshadowing burden survivors face in wondering if the cancer will come back, how they will afford their care, and how their families will be affected.

    Nanotherapies targeting cancer tend to focus on detection and penetration into cancer tissue. Our focus is on post-surgical treatment implementation, and in doing so, we overcome the challenges involved with attempting to penetrate tumor tissue. The successful development of a breast cancer nano-therapy to reduce recurrence rates requires the following:

  • A fundamental understanding of nanomaterials and experience synthesizing and characterizing.   
  • Knowledge of breast cancer treatment and diagnosis methods.
  • Experience with both pharmaceutical and medical device regulatory requirements.  
  • A team passionate about developing novel lifesaving technologies and fully dedicated to the project.
  • A lean, agile company with little overhead and the ability to quickly transform as needed.   


    General Engineering & Research, L.L.C. (GE&R) possesses the above requirements, with an established record of success as evidenced by our current manufacturing facility and sales of advanced materials and products to a variety of industries

    About GE&R: General Engineering & Research, LLC (GE&R) General Engineering and Research is focused on advancing functionalized nanoparticle ideas and products. From our highly characterized silica nano particles to unique slurries, our engineering and research expertise can assist you at every step throughout development – from engineering and consultation to patent preparation and filing.




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