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General Engineering & Research Wins Prestigious CALSeed Grant!

California continues to lead the nation and the world in energy efficiency standards. As a small business in California, GE&R is developing energy efficient technologies and is one of eight CalSEED awardees in this inaugural program. CalSEED is a California Energy Commission initiative to invest in novel solutions to energy challenges. The Energy Commission approved more than $1 million in grants for innovators and entrepreneurs working to bring early-stage clean energy concepts to market by connecting money to investments, ideas to support, and issues to solutions. As a CalSEED awardee, we share their commitment to prioritizing clean energy and sustainability needs. Our CALSeed project focuses on building hydrogen infrastructure.  Adoption of fuel cell vehicles in the US has been slow, in part, due to the lack of hydrogen fueling stations that are expensive to build as there is currently no economical hydrogen liquefaction systems to facilitate storage of this fuel.  Our goal is to enable high efficiency hydrogen liquefaction storage via magnetic refrigeration.  Using our proprietary materials we will develop a hydrogen liquefaction system and demonstrate economical high efficiency hydrogen storage.

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